GIFX, HEME & BFCH should be on your radar!

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GIFX closed up +35.12% today at .245, HEME +19.15% to .0056 & BFCH Closeed up +3.12% to .0066.

GIFX – GIFA Inc. had a buy written all over it the last week after the official name change took place with Finra.

HEME – HealthMed clearly bottomed today after all shares were bought today and closed at its high for the day including the downtrend line broken with a reversal at plat into next week.

BFCH – Bitcoin Frontier, buyers continue to hold her, waiting for the 12+ billions shares cancellation to happen. They also already confirmed that they will have a flow of revenue stream from mining Crypto Currency before the year ends.

Remember if you decide to get in this penny stock use your own judgement as information provided from others are only opinions.

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May 18, 2019
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