GIFA Inc. FRFS – Traders have her on radar and the float is getting locked!

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FRFS closed up +12.66% to 0.089. GIFA Inc. is the talk of penny stock land these days. We have been watching this stock for nearly a year and as time progressed more traders and investors took an interest. This skull & crossbones stock was worthless as Firefish, however, Gifa Inc. has taken over the shell and raised noise across the penny trading world. Who is GIFA Inc.? According to information found about Gifa Inc also Known as GIFA Holdings they have at least 20 billion in assets according to what shareholders of FRFS dug up over the past several months.

Want to know more about GIFA Inc.? Go on Twitter and search FRFS and you will get resourceful information from other FRFS shareholders.

Remember if you decide to get in this penny stock use your own judgement as information provided from others are only opinions.

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October 18, 2018
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